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Australian Penny


Australian Penny Collection
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1917 George V
Calcutta mint
Grade Fine Coin#015

1918 George V
Calcutta Mint
Grade Very Good Coin#001

1919 George V
Melbourne Mint/dot below scroll
Grade Very Good Coin#002

1922 George V
London Mint
Die crack/lamination error

1962 Elizabeth II
Perth Mint/Double Nose Variety

Grade gEF Coin#036

1928 George V
Melbourne Mint
Broken O Obv./Broken 2 &8 Rev.
Grade VF Coin#025

1949 George VI
Melbourne Mint
Variation of re-entered date
Grade EF Coin#038

1920 George V
Sydney Mint
dot over bottom scroll
Grade Fine Coin#062

1943 George VI
Perth Mint
Lamination Error
Grade VF Coin#063

1951 George VI
London Mint
Grade VF Coin#064

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