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World Internet Numismatics Society (WINS)
If you ever wanted to learn more about the "Hobby of Kings" here's your opportunity
We invite you to visit our web site.

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If you are interested in Flying Eagle or Indian Head Cents, please visit us at the FLY-IN club.


nu·misma·tist [.nju : m.z'męt.ks]

[from French numismatique, from Latin nomisma, from Greek: piece of currency, from nomizein to have in use, from nomos use]
numismatic adj
numismatically adv

I help web users all around the world.... Hollywood (Movie Directors) Chernobyl Children Charities, 192nd AHC (Vietnam Veterans) Paris Hilton (Aus) CBFNC (Canadian Boating Federation) Tucson Firefighters, Irish Pony Club........

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